Live streaming of company events

Live streaming of company events

Live streaming of talks

Are you organizing talks for your company? Consider live streaming your next talk to get the message across to more people.

Live streaming of a conference

Let us supercharge your speeches, discussions and knowledge sharing with an extra dimension and reach out to online audiences.

Live stream a product launch

A product launch can be an ideal occasion to reach out to your target audience on Facebook, Youtube or on your own website with a live stream.

Live streamingseminar

A webinar is a seminar designed for online participation. We are experts and can tailor a unique, interactive solution for you.

Live streaming roadshow

Build anticipation and create interest for your product lineup by reaching out to potential buyers online with a live-stream.

Live streaming of press meetings

We can live stream your next press meeting on your website as well as your other platforms.

Intro price for new customers

39,500 DKK

(ex. VAT)


The deal applies to new customers in Denmark and Sweden and is based on a one day job.

What is included?

1-2 camera angles

We will film the event from 1-2 different camera angles, which allows online viewers to come close to speakers, panels and products and also see the setting and audience.

Sound from speaker and Q&A

We will take care of sound from both the speaker and questions from the floor. If the event is on a large venue with its own mike/speaker setup, our system can take a sound feed from the onsite technicians.

Integrated PowerPoint

We can integrate the speakers’ slideshows in order for online viewers to see the slides too. If the venue has their own setup for this, we can take a feed from their system via SDI or NDI.

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