Boot to a USB drive and install a clean version of High Sierra on your Mac.

High Sierra, has been released and it is the fourteenth version and has the version 10.13. Read along to see how to get a clean install of High Sierra.

If you decide to be an early adopter of High Sierra, we recommend doing a clean install instead of simply upgrading. This requires the High Sierra software, an USB-stick with 8GB or more space and a tool for making the USB-stick a bootable installer.

  1. First, download High Sierra from the App Store. Simply search for "High Sierra" and you should find it. When downloading is finished, the installer will open automaticcaly. Quit it.
  2. Second, insert your USB-drive in your Mac. Disk Creator shoult then be installed on the USB drive.
  3. Next, open Disk Creator, select the USB-drive you want to use for this. It will be formatted, so make sure you have everything copied from the drive. Make sure the app has selected High Sierra as the installer. Then click "Create Installer". This might take 10-20 minutes.
  4. When the app is done, restart the Mac and boot it up holding down the Option (⌥) key. Now select the USB-drive and do a clean install.


If you can't find High Sierra in the App Store, you can download it from here. Last updated 5 October 2017.

If the Disk Creator page is down, you can download it from hereLast updated 5 October 2017.

If Disk Creator comes up with an error, it may be necessary to format the USB drive manually with Disk Utility.

Also keep in mind that it is always best to apply updates to software, firmware and drivers only when you have time to fully test before your next live production. At Copenhagen Streaming we rarely update unless we have a full two weeks to test before using for a live event.

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