Webinar as communication in your enterprise

What is a webinar?

A webinar is a seminar or lecture where there are no physical attendees, but where the presenter presents to the participants watching online. As an attendee, you watch the webinar live from your computer or device, and you have the opportunity to ask questions directly to the presenter or host.

Understand how a webinar works and what we can do for you!

Reach out to participants in good time

FOR. Give as many people as possible a chance to attend your webinar by letting them know in advance. Reach out to all followers on your platforms and give them the opportunity to subscribe to the webinar, add the event to the calendar and to receive reminders.

Let us do the webinarthe technique

UNDER. We take care of all the technology from camera to internet. We can create a stunning multi-camera webinar production or just provide the simple solution where you don't have to think about the technology.

Let your webinar live on in cloud

AFTER. When we're done live, your webinar will work from the cloud. We do this by making it available on-demand. Often, most views will actually be after the webinar has finished.

What do you want to achieve?

A webinar should always have a purpose. Do you want to inform as possible?To generate specific leads? Getting to know your users better? The purpose of your webinar determines how it is delivered and what platform it makes sense to deliver it on.

Webinar where several speakers are gathered

Talk to the camera

A webinar is characterised by the absence of a local audience. This means your speakers can speak directly to the camera and engage participants. 

Invite guest speakers to join your webinar without them having to travel

Invite a guest speaker

With our webinars, you have the opportunity to invite a guest speaker who can attend without necessarily having to travel. We help test the guest speaker's connection.

Professional video production worldwide

Copenhagen Streaming provides professional video production for your webinar - not only in Copenhagen but worldwide. You provide the content - we provide all the technical, manpower and equipment. All we need is a location and a time, and we'll live-stream your webinar and make it an experience your participants will never forget.


Professional video production

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