Terms and conditions


Change in price cannot be ruled out due to fluctuation in cost, however, Copenhagen Streaming are obliged to commit to an agreed-upon price after accepting an order.


By accepting the offer, purchaser commits to his purchase of the agreed service. This agreement is legally binding between the purchaser and Copenhagen Streaming.


Unless explicitly agreed prior to commencement of work, payment will be due in full 8 days after completion of the work or services provided. For customers that we have not invoiced before, half of the total order value will be charged upfront when the order has been placed. We accept payment through our Danish bank connection below:

International payments

Bank: Jutlander Bank
SWIFT: DK9092352073112764

Payments within Denmark

REG: 9235
ACCOUNT: 2073112764


Claims should be made immediately after the delivery of service. If Copenhagen Streaming has not successfully remedied self-induced errors, and if “Exemption of liability” below is not applicable, the purchaser is entitled to appropriate compensation.

Exemption of liability

In case of inadequate delivery, Copenhagen Streaming cannot be held responsible if inadequacies are caused by circumstances that are not in control by Copenhagen Streaming, for instance, war, revolt, riot, fire, power cuts, internet break down, CDN break down and so on.

Right of cancellation

Purchaser holds the right to retract his acceptance of an offer, as long as it happens at least four weeks before the date of delivery.  If Copenhagen Streaming has already delivered parts of the agreed service, purchasers right of cancellation no longer applies.


Company details

Legal name: Copenhagen Streaming ApS
VAT number: DK-37614734
Address: Copenhagen Streaming | Strandgade 27B, 5. sal | 1401 Copenhagen K | Denmark |
Phone: 00 45 28 29 09 10

Subject to change

Copenhagen Streaming reserve the right to change and update our terms and conditions. We, therefore, ask you to stay updated here.