Teaching through live-streamed webinars

Why teach online with webinars?

Online learning has the obvious advantage that teachers and students can hold and participate in lessons without being dependent on being in the same physical space. Teaching online is not a new concept, but new possibilities in live streaming and better webinar platforms have made it a much better alternative to physical attendance than it used to be.

Get started teaching with live streaming


Good sound and a good image are prerequisites for successful online teaching. In addition, you need a wired network to ensure that your online students have a good experience without interruption and buffering.


For your online training to work, you need to choose an appropriate webinar platform that supports the interaction you want with your learners.

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Student participates in online teaching via webinar

Participate in online classes

Make your teaching available to your students wherever they are. 

Students participate in online learning through webinars and live streaming

Engage students with polls and quizzes

With a good online learning platform, you can engage your students with a variety of interaction options.

About Copenhagen Streaming

We are experts in live-streaming, and we have livestreamed for Denmark's biggest brands such as Danske Bank, Mærsk & Carlsberg. We have extensive knowledge of the best webinar and livestreaming platforms. And we have a passion for great online learning solutions. We can't teach for you - but we can take care of all the technical stuff and give your students an experience they'll never forget.


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