Why do Copenhagen Streaming process data?

At Copenhagen Streaming we are committed to providing the best live streaming experiences that we can. Broadly, this is only achieved with a case by case approach to all enquiries, meaning that we don’t try to sell a single platform with a “one size fits all approach”.

Instead, we put together solutions consisting of multiple hand-picked components. To function properly, these will – at some level at least – need to process user data. For the companies we most often use, we provide you with the companies’ own resources developed to make it transparent which data is processed, how and for how long:


We use Slido for user interaction such as polling, Q&A and similar.

Slido GDPR Commitment

JW Player & Vimeo

We use JW Player and Vimeo as video player software and for live stream consumption.

JW Player GDPR Commitment

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is used to provide insights on user behaviour. Our implementation lives up to Google’s own strict rules mandating “that no data passed to Google that Google could use or recognize as personally identifiable information (PII)“. Furthermore, Google Analytics only allows us to harvest general information on user behaviour that can never be linked to any individual. We cannot even see a visitors IP address, which is not disclosed by Google Analytics due to their privacy policy.

Google’s Privacy Policy

About Copenhagen Streaming

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Phone: 00 45 28 29 09 10

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